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Turist Information Centre Ajdovščina
Cesta IV. Prekomorske 61 A
5270 Ajdovščina

tel.: +386 5 36 59 140

mon - fri: 8.00 - 16.00
sat: 8.00 - 12.00

mon - fri: 10.00 - 18.00
sat: 8.00 - 12.00

villages nearby


Podkraj The village of Podkraj is a remote village, lying where high Karst plateaus conjoin, namely the Trnovo Forest, the Nanos Plateau and the Hrušica Plateau. Podkraj comprises several isolated farms along the road Col – Kalce and three hamlets, i.e. Trševje, Sreboti, and Hrušica.
The Local Community of Podkraj has altogether 690 inhabitants, namely 32 inhabitants from the village of Bela, 437 inhabitants from the village of Podkraj (inhabitants of the hamlet of Hrušica included), 170 residents from the village of Višnje and 51 residents from the village of Vodice.

As the word “podkraj” means “bellow the village” it is believed that the village of Podkraj was named by the inhabitants of the village of Vodice, who used to say: “Let’s go down below the village”. Some claim that the name of the village comes from its geographical position, since it is secluded and placed below the mountains. From this point of view the word “podkraj is a derivative of the word “vkraj” meaning “away”, in a sense secluded and remote.
The flat area extending in the front of the village serves for fields and meadows. However, because there is little cultivable land, the locals engage mostly in cattle breeding and forestry. Moreover, the place is very famous for dormouse hunting.
Podkraj is well maintained, nearly all houses are renovated and moreover, their yards and balconies boast most beautiful flowers.

Already the ancient Romans knew that the shortest way from the territory of the present-day North Italy to Emona (Ljubljana) and on to Pannonia leads through the Vipava Valley via Ad Pirum (Hrušica). And this holds true even today! The road became very popular especially after the reconstruction. Due to the heavy traffic it is quite disturbing for the local people.

A Glance into the Past
As mentioned before, Roman Road led also through the village of Podkraj. But historically more significant area along the ancient road Aquilea-Emona is undoubtedly Ad Pirum - Hrušica with its renowned postal station. This station was heavily fortified since it had a very important strategic position and was a part of the defence system called Claustra Alpium Iuliarum. The remains of the upper and lower stronghold have been renovated as well as the ancient postal station, though it kept only a few of its original elements. Today, an inn runs in that very building, where also the archaeological collection of findings from Hrušica is available to see. As you are already in the inn, you can try one of their delicious local specialties.

Nearby the hamlet of Hrušica, in the woods, lie the remains of an enormous Roman stronghold, which used to supervise the area, where four roads conjoined. Here are also the remains of the chapel, which was one of the first Christian churches ever.
In the centre of the village is also a modern school building, which was renovated in 1987, and the Church of St. Margaret with its beautiful Gothic presbytery. There is also a recently renewed chapel, situated beneath the church, which is believed to be built in 1851. At this very place the Local Community intends to set up the new centre of the village.

Podkraj Local Community
Chairman: Mr. Metod Bizjak
Address: Podkraj 27a, 5273 Col, Slovenia
Telephone No.: ++386 5 366 81 55
Mobile Phone No.: ++386 51 302 654
E-mail: , metod.bizjak@gmail.com