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Turist Information Centre Ajdovščina
Cesta IV. Prekomorske 61 A
5270 Ajdovščina

tel.: +386 5 36 59 140

mon - fri: 8.00 - 16.00
sat: 8.00 - 12.00

mon - fri: 10.00 - 18.00
sat: 8.00 - 12.00

home made

Ecological farm
Owner: Mrs. Darja Kravos
Address: 10b Male Žablje, 5263 Dobravlje, Slovenia
Telephone No.: ++386 5 364 60 71
Mobile Phone No.: ++386 51 313 310

Farmers on the ecological farm grow corn (in the most ecologically-friendly way), namely spelt, coach grass, sunflowers, wheat, rye, maize and other. Especially interesting is the fact that they use special tools for corn cultivation.
They grind their own flour and sell it on the farm.
Children will be amused by the many interesting animals on the farm: Boer goats, mares, little donkeys, young bulls and others.

The Kravos family looks forward to your visit on their farm. However, bigger groups are required to announce their visit in advance. The landlady will be glad to bake you some bread and bread cakes from many different types of flavour. Moreover, you will have a chance to see how they grow and cultivate corn and how the bread is being baked.
The Kravos family fills pillows with spelt husk, as people did in the past. Pillows filled with spelt husk are said to be people-friendly, mite resistant, anti-sweat and pleasant to touch.
The farm cooperates with the Association of Tourist Farms of Slovenia and is a member of the Ajda Goriška Association, which is engaged in biodynamic farming.

Faladur - Local products from Vipavska
Lokarjev drevored 8 (shop)
Cesta IV. Prekomorske 61c (tasting room)
5270 Ajdovščina
Reservations and tastings by prior appointment:
+386 40 232 987 (Matej)
+386 51 652 589 (Faladur)
www.faladur.si, , www.facebook.com/faladurajdovscina

What they offer:
- Rent our place for business purposes (projector, catering, dinners, small
conferences, team buildings, business meetups);
- Bus parking available;
- Handicap person entry;
- Slovenian, Croatian, English, Italian and German speaking staff;
- Large selection of local products possible to buy;
- Tasting and meals up to 70 people.

Faladur has a lot to offer - over 200 Vipava Valley wines, a variety of cured meats and cheeses, local beer, homemade jams, fruit syrups and flour, home-brewed liquor and a range of other delicacies, but also homemade cosmetics.

Tasting option: Price / person
*Let’s meet Vipavska - Faladur little tasting 12 €:
2 Vipava valley typical wine or beer samples, 2 dishes;
*Let’s experience Vipavska wines - Faladur wine tasting 20 €: 4 wines, 4 dishes;
*Let’s taste Vipavska new and exciting craft breweries - Faladur beer tasting 20 €: 4 craft beers, 4 dishes;
*Let’s taste and experience Vipavska - Faladur mixed large tasting 25 €: 3 Vipava valley typical wine samples, 2 craft beers, 5 dishes;
*Let go and enjoy the culinary delights of Vipava valley - Faladur premium tasting 35 €: 5 wines, 2 beers, 6 dishes;
*Start the day with delicious healthy breakfast - Faladur breakfast 12 €: self service breakfasts with cured meats, cheeses (soft and hard), marmalades, honey, butter and yogurt.
Degustacija: to be arranged.